We’re Working Well Together

The South West Working Well Together Group of which Sanctus Training are a member, are today holding a free event at Bridgwater College Construction Skills Centre at Cannington.  We are enjoying being on hand to offer help and support with training within the construction industry.

Find out about the CITB suite of courses including Temporary Works Coordinator and Temporary Works Supervisor, Site Manager’s Safety Training Scheme & the Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme as well as the one day Safety Awareness course.

Learn what training you need if you are working with or due to work with Asbestos – Sanctus Training is an accredited UKATA Asbestos training centre.  If you are in the HVACR or Electrical industries, we offer a range of accredited courses to assist you on your career journey.

The South West Working Well Together Group covers the counties of Gloucestershire, West of England (formerly Avon), Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset and operates in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and are supported by many of the UK’s major contractors to promote good health and safety standards to smaller construction businesses.

The aim is to achieve a reduction in all accidents at work and to reduce the number of cases of work related ill health across the South West, and to do this by running events that:
  • Improve awareness of risk
  • Demonstrate practical measures to control risks
  • Promote ways for continuous improvement in health & safety performance
  • Improve the awareness of occupational health

 The drivers for the events are:

  •  HSE’s priority topics
  • The industry’s Health & Safety targets
  • The Working Well Together campaign

For further information, please contact us at info@sanctustraining.co.uk or visit the Working Well Together website – www.wwt.uk.com

Bridgwater College Construction Skills Centre, Rodway Hill, Cannington, Bridgwater, TA5 2LS