Alan (Reg) Cooke

Reg Cooke is a Senior Trainer with Sanctus Training Ltd. He delivers all subjects across the HVACR spectrum along with a range of courses Electrical courses.

Reg is passionate about his subject, he strives to empower his students and impart his considerable knowledge to allow them to achieve the best results from their attendance on his courses.

From serving with the Armed Forces, Reg has gained extensive experience across the years working on HVACR, CO2 projects, liquefaction processes and electrical power plant applications. He has also been involved with maintenance and modification works on a range of power plant applications such as, gas turbines and HV switch gear to design and install HVAC plant for oil refineries and platform both at sea and land based. Reg’s career has taken him across the world including Russia, Mexico, America, the North Sea and mainland, working on refineries, process plant, terminal areas and FSPO platforms. His marine experience has been in HVACR and power plant surveying on commercial vessels and as a consultant on private Mega Super Yachts worldwide.

He also serves as an Expert Witness for customers who require specialist HVACR and power plant guidance, associated with building engineering services and the oil, gas and marine industries.

Following his time as a Head of Department in the FE College environment where he lectured, assessed and/ or verified candidates in these sectors at levels 1 – 5, Reg established his own company offering HVACR and associated training, eventually expanding into the Electrical sector.

Reg holds a Hons degree in Mechanical & Electrical engineering and HVACR applications and is a Chartered Engineer. He possesses a vast range of qualifications in the HVACR industry and is extremely well thought of for his wealth of knowledge accrued over the years.