PAT Testing Competence – In Service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment, inc 5th Edition

A 1 day course, ideal for anyone who is responsible for ensuring the safety of used appliances. The PAT qualification will enable delegates to test for low risk environments,  office equipment, kitchen appliances, power tools, and many other items.




1 Day



This PAT testing course is ideal for anyone who is responsible for ensuring the safety of electrical appliances within their work place



1 day


Who should attend?

Delegates without qualification who wish to learn how to test electrical appliances, to take control of the portable appliance testing programme within their company as the assigned Competent Person to do so.


Course Content:

The course will cover the following topics;

  • All parts updated to reflect New IET COP for ISITEE Version 5
  • General electrical safety instructions and electrical principals
  • Electric supply and ply connections
  • Dangers of electricity & Effects on the human body
  • Why is PAT Testing required
  • Legal requirement for PAT Testing
  • Means of protection against electric shock
  • Classes of portable electrical equipment
  • Safe use of electrical equipment outdoors
  • What do PAT tests check for

Assessment – practical and theory exam.



Sanctus Certificate Achievement where the delegate has demonstrated that they can carry out In service Inspections & Testing of Electrical equipment to ensure they are safe to work with.


Delegate Preparation:

Revision notes (where relevant)



Hot and cold drinks available when delivered at a Sanctus Training venue.

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