Face Fit Testing

This 2-3 hour course is aimed at delegates who fit masks on their employees/other workers and will create an understanding of face piece options, identify how to fit properly and build an awareness of when a mask may need to be re-fitted in the future.




1/2 day


To understand face piece options and learn how to fit a face piece appropriately.  To be aware of when a mask may need to be re-fitted in the future.

Course Duration: 

Course duration is usually around 2 – 3 hours

Who Should Attend? 

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to carry out a qualitative face fit test on employees (sometimes called the taste test) such as managers, health and safety managers, supervisors, site agents and project managers.

Course Content: 

The course will detail the key points of face fit testing and identify common potential faults and reasons for failure.

The relevant legislation will be covered, including HSE’s document HSG INDG479 in which helps decide on the type of mask to be used.

Delegates will explore the different types of face pieces and types of fit test.  There will be an opportunity to carry out a fit test on other delegates within the group who will undertake a series of exercises simulating the movement of a person’s head during a typical work day.

Documentation and feedback to the person under test will be included.


Delegates will be able to undertake qualitative face fit testing on their work force, having an understanding of the choice of face piece, how to set up the test, interpret failures and troubleshoot problems.

Delegate Preparation:

Delegates should be clean shaven if possible.


Hot and cold drinks available when delivered at a Sanctus Training venue.

Course Feedback

Course Instructors:

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