First Aid at Work

This 3-day course is ideal for those who have to deal with a high level of hazards on a daily basis. It will prepare delegates for the management of emergency situations and to treat casualties safely and effectively.


Day 109/09/2024

Day 210/09/2024

Day 311/09/2024


Day 110/12/2024

Day 211/12/2024

Day 312/12/2024


Day 113/08/2024

Day 214/08/2024

Day 315/08/2024


Day 116/10/2024

Day 217/10/2024

Day 318/10/2024


Day 122/07/2024

Day 223/07/2024

Day 324/07/2024


Day 111/11/2024

Day 212/11/2024

Day 313/11/2024


Day 111/03/2024

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Day 115/05/2024

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Day 124/04/2024

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Day 325/04/2024


Day 114/02/2024

Day 215/02/2024

Day 316/02/2024




3 days


To prepare delegates for the management of emergency situations and treat casualties safely and effectively. Successful delegates will be able to prioritise the treatment of casualties, prevent worsening of injuries and promote recovery. Delegates will also be aware of their legal responsibilities and the need for accurate record keeping.


Course duration is 3 days

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for those who may have to deal with a potentially high level of hazards. Covering a broad syllabus, the course prepares delegates to recognise and treat a wide range of injuries. It provides delegates with the comprehensive set of practical skills needed by first aiders in all workplaces to become a confident first aider at work.

The course meets the standards required by the HSE to comply with Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations which apply to all workplaces across all industries.

Course Content:

Delegates will gain both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies and common conditions. and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies and common conditions. The course content reflects the HSE’s requirements for first aid at work courses includes the use of tourniquets, haemostatic dressings and defibrillators. The course is highly practical, using fun, dynamic and memorable training methods to optimise learner recall, knowledge and confidence.

Delegates will be trained to assess the situation and circumstances in order to act safely and promptly prior to delivering appropriate first aid. Underpinning knowledge and practical skills will be gained in first aid treatment for emergencies such as resuscitation and care of the unconscious casualty, plus recognition of major illnesses such as a heart attack or stroke.

Delegates will be trained to effectively manage injuries to bones, muscles and joints, including suspected spinal injuries. Minor ailments and injuries, including some common conditions are also covered.


On completion of the training delegates will understand the role of the first-aider, the importance of preventing cross infection and the need for recording incidents and actions.

Successful delegates will have satisfactorily demonstrated competence in resuscitation, care of the unconscious casualty and incident management. Delegates will be continually assessed throughout the duration of the course.

Certificates awarded will be valid for 3 years. There is a strong recommendation from the HSE to refresh first aid skills annually.

Delegate Preparation:

There is no requirement for delegates to have any previous knowledge of first aid for this course. Due to the practical nature of this course delegates should wear appropriate clothing and footwear, e.g. trousers and flat footwear.


Hot and cold drinks available when delivered at a Sanctus Training venue.

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Course Instructors:

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