CITB Site Manager’s Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

Making sure that health, safety and welfare is at an optimum level on the construction site – this 5-day course is perfect for project managers, site managers, supervisors, business proprietors and client-based personnel.


Day 103/10/2022

Day 24/10/2022

Day 305/10/2022

Day 406/10/2022

Day 507/10/2022


Day 125/04/2022

Day 226/04/2022

Day 327/04/2022

Day 428/04/2022

Day 529/04/2022


Day 115/08/2022

Day 216/08/2022

Day 317/08/2022

Day 418/08/2022

Day 519/08/2022


Day 105/12/2022

Day 206/12/2022

Day 307/12/2022

Day 412/12/2022

Day 513/12/2022


Day 106/06/2022

Day 207/06/2022

Day 308/06/2022

Day 413/06/2022

Day 514/06/2022




5 days


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Delegates will develop an understanding of their responsibilities and accountability for health, safety and welfare on construction sites.  They will also understand that a safe site is efficient and productive, benefiting everyone including employers which can contribute to securing future contracts.


Course duration is 5 days

Who Should Attend?

This Site Safety Plus course provides project managers, site managers, supervisors, business proprietors and client-based personnel with the knowledge and skills to enable them to ensure healthy and safe conditions for construction site employees. The course would also benefit buyers and quality assurance personnel.

Course Content:

The course covers all relevant health and safety legislation pertaining to building, civil engineering, and construction work including new build, refurbishment and demolition. This includes the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations.

Delegates will understand the site manager’s role and responsibilities regarding health, safety and welfare. They will learn how to effectively apply their health and safety knowledge in the workplace and be able to develop and maintain a strong health and safety ethos within the workplace.

Risk assessment and the principles of prevention form the foundation of the course. Emphasis is placed on communication skills and promotion of worker engagement, including preparation of an induction.

Occupational health is covered to ensure delegates understand the importance of managing exposure to substances, vibrations, noise and dust.  Delegates will undertake project work relevant to site management including site set up and preparation on site rules.


This is a highly interactive course delivered by means of case studies, classroom discussion and group work. Delegates will be continuously assessed and required to successfully complete a multiple-choice test.  100% attendance is required for eligibility for the final test.  Successful delegates will be issued with a certificate valid for 5 years, after which a SMSTS Refresher course may be undertaken.

The United Kingdom Contractors Group (UKCG) recognises this course as meeting the required standard for all managers working on UKCG sites.


This Site Manager’s Safety Training Scheme is listed in the Construction Training Directory. Delegates’ achievements will be listed on the Construction Training Register.


Delegate Preparation:

There are no set entry requirements for this qualification, however, delegates must have a good understanding of spoken and written English.
Delegates will need to demonstrate a strong commitment to the course including some self-study.

Delegates must provide valid ID on the first day of the course, such as a passport or driving licence.


Hot and cold drinks available when delivered at a Sanctus Training venue.

Mandatory course materials:

CITB Publications and registration £167.75 – chargeable at point of booking (VAT exempt).

Course Feedback

Course Instructors:

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