The emerging threat posed by rising temperatures in cold water systems – particularly in modern buildings – and looks at possible solutions.

We are facing a battle to keep temperatures in cold water systems low enough to stop dangerous bacteria such as legionella from growing and multiplying.  The past decade has thankfully seen few outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease, the potentially fatal form of bacterial pneumonia caused by the ingestion of legionella bacteria. This is largely because the hot water systems in the UK’s buildings – once a common breeding ground for legionella – are now able to consistently maintain high enough temperatures to kill off the bacteria.  Legionella occurs naturally in water environments and flourishes under certain conditions. Temperature is the biggest factor in determining risk.  Between 25-50°C is considered high risk, however, the bacteria can still multiply between 20-25°C. Anything below 20°C and the bacteria can survive but will not multiply, while any temperature above 60°C kills it.  Keeping our hot water hot enough was historically the biggest issue when it came to combating legionella. Now, it is making sure our cold water stays cold that poses the real challenge.

Take a look at our Legionella and Water Regulations Courses for more information.

Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce

Sanctus Training are now members of the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce

Our new membership will give us opportunities to raise our company profile within the local area of Gloucestershire. The Commerce will provide support and advice for us and open links with other organisations and media.

We look forward to the positive outcomes.

New Membership

Sanctus Training have now become members of the BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management)

We are now delivering courses for the Facilities Management industry and the membership will give us access to guidance and support to enhance that delivery.

As a member we will be able to further our professional development, and have an opportunity to network with

like-minded individuals and organisations.

Take a look at our course using the link Facilities Management and if you would like further information please contact Sophie on 01453 899101.

Course Availability

We currently have availability for courses at our training centre in Cam
For the week commencing 1st August 2016:

Fgas 2079 Course 3 or 5 Day

Essential Electrics

Refrigeration Electrics

Combination Electrics

For the week commencing the 15th August 2016:

10 Day Introduction to Fgas and Refrigeration

Fgas 2079 Course 3 or 5 Day

Please book you place using our website booking facility alternatively contact Sophie Edwards on 01453 899101





Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) Annual Awards

Sanctus Training will be attending and sponsoring the ECA social event of the year tomorrow evening, the event provides excellent networking opportunities to meet with representatives from across the electrical and building services industry.

Held at Celtic Manor the ECA Gala Dinner & Annual Awards 2016 will be a great opportunity for Sophie Edwards (HVACR & Electrical Business Manager) and Angie Shaw (Health, Safety and Environmental Manager) to network with leaders in the industry including contractors, manufacturers, distributors & clients plus a host of others.

We look forward to hearing how they got on.